EXCLUSIVE FULL ALBUM STREAM: Githyanki – “Rollin’ The Dice”

Seattle Punky Sludge merchants Githyanki – comprised of former members of the bands Android Hero, Slave Traitor, and BloodHag, will release a new album, Rollin’ The Dice, this week on March 25th, 2022. Rollin’ The Dice album features fantastical artwork by local Seattle artist Moises Pimentel and was recorded and mixed by “Shirtless” Jeff McNulty, with mastering by Phil Petrocelli. Following two EPs, their full-length debut sees Githyanki leaning heavily into their shared nerdy background of role-playing games (a githyanki is a Dungeons & Dragons monster featured in the Fiend Folio), comic books, and dystopian nightmares. Stream “Rollin’ The Dice”now!


Rollin’ The Dice Tracklist:

  1. Plague Beard
  2. Isolationists
  3. Rollin’ The Dice
  4. They Live 2021
  5. The Reliquary
  6. Spanish Fly (Fudge Tunnel cover)
  7. End Of The World
  8. Starcrusher
  9. Tower Of Conviction
  10. Go Forth & KILL!
  11. Range Of Time
  12. The River

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The band has a record release coming up this week: