EXCLUSIVE EP STREAM: Svn.Seeker – “Means to an End”

Connecticut Melodic Death Metal upstarts Svn.Seeker will drop their debut EP, Means to an End, on CD and digital platforms this Friday, on February 4th, 2021. Technical and brutal as the greats of the genre, but all the while mining deft melodic motifs and passages in their composing, Svn.Seeker is a band we will be talking about for a long time. Check out the full EP stream here at Ghost Cult and pre-order this metally goodness!

Svn.Seeker was formed in late 2017 by guitarist Nikita Khrenov and a group of old friends in central Connecticut following a spell of depression and frustration. The band recorded their debut EP Means To An End with Dave Kaminsky at Studio Wormwood (Fires in the Distance, Archaic Decapitator, Bone Church) throughout 2020. Means to an End tackles the concept of death through various ways culminating in the idea that one’s actions in life are what will define them in the end rather than the means of their passing.

Guitarist Nikita Khrenov commented: “Recording with Dave was one of the most enjoyable and eye-opening experiences of my life. The man has a sixth sense for music and really helped us get the absolute best out of every performance. From the get-go he knew exactly what sound we were striving for, it was almost as if he was a full member of the band.”


Means to an End will be available on digipak CD, for digital download via Bandcamp, and on all major streaming platforms on February 4th, 2021.


Svn.Seeker is:


Nikita Khrenov: Guitar, Vocals, Synths.


Rob “OB” Lembo: Bass, Backing Vocals


Geoff Chance: Guitar


Pat Conaty: Drums



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Contact: s.seekermetal@gmail.com