EXCLUSIVE ALBUM STREAM: Spider Kitten ‘Concise & Sinister’

Ahead of its release on Friday 13th April, Ghost Cult is delighted to team up with eclectic, mesmeric twisted, psychedelic Doom merchants Spider Kitten to première the stream of their new album, Concise & Sinister.

A disturbed and disturbing opus, you can immerse yourself in the bleak, roiling madness of Concise & Sinister here:


Notoriously committed to the ethos of DIY, the album is the band’s thirtieth overall release, and will be released on mp3 with physical copies on CD strictly limited and available to pre-order via the Spider Kitten Bandcamp page.

Frontman and founder Chi Lameo enthused:

“This is not easy listening and its creation took its toll on us. We’re very happy with how it sounds, but we have no desire to make an album in the same way again any time soon. Consider this an exorcism. We hope listening to it doesn’t affect your mental health too badly…”

Featuring four tracks, including a Hank Williams cover, Lameo further adds:

After the success of 2016’s Ark Of Octofelis we’ve endeavoured to make a record that’s darker, heavier and even more unsettling and it’s called Concise & Sinister. Set in the same universe as Ark (we’re nothing if not sticklers for conceptual continuity) Concise… is told from the perspective of a disturbed drifter languishing in a jail cell, struggling to determine memory from fantasy. Why is he there? What crimes has he committed? How long has he been there? Where was he before? He’s not sure. And so we weave in and out of his fragmented memories and try to make some kind of sense of the images and sounds within. Featuring guest vocals by Paul Catten (Barrabus, Murder One, Medulla Nocte), and a Hank Williams cover, Concise and Sinister was written, recorded and mixed over an arduous eighteen month period.


You can find out more about Spider Kitten here:

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