EXCLUSIVE ALBUM STREAM: Sour Times – “The 11th Hour”

Ghost Cult brings you the full album stream of brutal proggy Modern Metal band Sour Times, 11th Hour, releasing this Friday, May 14th, 2021. The brainchild of Ben Reigle (Brain Vacuum, Eat Shit and Die, The Empty Frames) and Joseph Izayea (From Under Concrete Kings, Seeking Sirens) the band has overcome all manner of personal obstacles to make this music. Ben’s entire life was tossed into turmoil in 2019 when he suffered a series of life-threatening strokes. Creating groove-laden mini-epics full of harrowing emotions, surprising harsh/melodic vocals, real-life drama, and great musicianship, Sour Times is a band you will regret sleeping on. Jam out to The 11th Hour right now!

The band comments:

Sour Times is stoked to announce the arrival of our newest album, The 11th Hour! Nine songs of raw fury brought to you in a brutal and sometimes melodic approach. We hope our influences from bands like Gojira, Whitechapel & Hatebreed are brought to bear in a fashion you’ll enjoy.



1.Rage Motivator 4:14

2.Duality 2:45

3.Dismay 3:06

4.Obey 3:06

5.Interlude 0:51

6.Lily White 3:49

7.The 11th Hour 2:47

8.Death and Taxes 2:36

9.Burn 3:36