Exclusive Album Stream: Sahg – Memento Mori


Iconic Norwegian doom rock powerhouse Sahg have returned with their new album Memento Mori, out today via Indie Recordings. Ghost Cult is proud to bring you the exclusive album stream below:

Memnto Mori is perfect blend of progressive rock and psychedelic stoner metal, with a modern touch as well. Not only that, the band still found time to incorporate their love of classic Norse/old world instrumentation and honors their history with a guest appearance from former member Einar Selvik, of Wardruna. Sahg is comprised of legends of the Bergen rock/metal scene and black metal antiquity with names such as Gorgoroth, Audrey Horne and Manngard, Sahg is a band you must behold.

Latin for “remember that you have to die”, ,” vocalist/guitarist Olav Iversen commented on the meaning of the album:

Memento Mori was one of several options that we had on note for a long time “But then Lemmy died and Bowie died. All of a sudden, all these rock icons disappeared – one by one. These people made their imprint on history and influenced us musically since childhood. It made a great impression on a personal level, and started a grieving process that influenced the making of the album. Suddenly it was very clear what the album title would be. Even immortal legends like Bowie and Lemmy don’t live forever..”


Pre-orders are live at this link:

Sahg- Memento Mori Track Listing
1. Black Unicorn
2. Devilspeed
3. Take It To The Grave
4. Silence The Machines
5. Sanctimony
6. (Praise The) Electric Sun
7. Travellers Of Space And Light
8. Blood Of Oceans

The band kicks off an extensive tour tonight with a hometown show at The Garage in Bergen, NO. Tickets are available at this link.

Sahg is
Olav Iversen vocalist/guitarist
Tony Vetaas – bass
Ole Walaunet – guitar
Mads Lilletvedt – drums

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