Ghost Cult is stoked to share the full album stream from Malmö Sweden’s sludge and psychedelic band Pyramido, Fem, due out later this week via The Sign Records. Fem is the veteran bands’ fifth release, and has all the elements that the band has relied on for years in the underground, DIY music scene: songs that are equal parts heavy, intellectual, and fun. Stream Fem right now!

Distributed by:

Cargo – Germany, Switzerland and Austria

MVD – North America, Japan, New Zeeland and Australia

Plastic Head – UK & Eire

Sound Pollution – Sweden & Denmark

Border – Norway

Supersounds – Finland

Soundworks – France

Mystic – Poland, Czech Rep, Slovakia and Slovenia

Audioglobe – Italy

Musicworld – Hungary

Wizard – Bulgaria

Suburban – Holland & Belgium

Karonte – Spain & Portugal


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