EXCLUSIVE ALBUM STREAM: Plastic – Here There Is No Gravity

Up and coming UK heavy rockers Plastic are dropping their début full-length album this week via Sweet Low Records. Here There Is No Gravity follows a string of EP’s and singles which has seen the band steadily coalesce their sound into what is today. If you have yearned for that sound from way back when music and lyrics just meant a lot more on a personal level then this is your band. Ghost Cult has teamed up with the band to bring you their full album stream so jam out to Here There Is No Gravity now!


The band commented:

“We’re extremely excited to release a body of work that we hold very close to our chests, a lot of pain went into creating this record, but a lot of happiness too. I feel we have created a dynamic record that takes you on a journey. Thematically this record delves into my struggles with substance abuse, the highs and the lows of it and the lack of control, hence the title ‘Here, There Is No Gravity”.

Here There Is No Gravity track listing:

1. Flossing

2. Melt

3. Situations

4. Mirror Silhouette

5. Headless Rabbit

6. Wool

7.Skin Is Peeling

8. My Warm Bed

9. I’ve Been Floating

10. Hypochondriac

11. Sweet Low

12. Fizzy Haze

Pre-order the album here!