EXCLUSIVE ALBUM STREAM: Patriarchy- “Asking For It”

Dark Synthwave/Metal Musicians and visionary artists Patriarchy have dropped their jaw-dropping, genre-hopping new album today, Asking For It via the Dero Arcade label. Made up of duo Actually (aka Actually Huizenga) – LA-Based multidisciplinary artist – and Andrew Means (3Teeth multi-instrumentalist), the pair creates heavy, politically charged, and Gothy tracks that are equal parts KMFDM, Lords of Acid, but also danceable like PVRIS. It’s the perfect album for pre-gaming in your house for a night out with friends, while plotting to overthrow the establishment. Ghost Cult brings you their full album stream right now to enjoy. 

Actually comments:

“Patriarchy” is a word I would like to destroy for My Self and yet make my own. We live in a Patriarchy, and it won’t be changing for a while- so why not grab it by the balls and fuck it? So that’s what I’m doing- fucking and enjoying the situation I’m in… even if it disrespects and discriminates against me.

The title “Asking For It,” is a reflective jab (or prick if you will) at life’s very existence. The molecules of your body somehow came together to form your complaining ass, so I guess you were asking for it! And “asking,” is a word, and what is a “word,” really? So if you say “No,” sometimes another random mass of molecules might mistake that as a “Yes,” so you better fight the fuck back and teach these fuckers how to treat you like a god. Because that’s what humans like- they adore a god, and they will crawl on the backs of corpses still holding their weeping children, in order to worship at altars which drip and stink with the rotting semen and ectoplasm of your special struggle.

The songs on this album are about me, Actually Huizenga, a female human, dealing with labels and expectations thrown upon my body, while also enjoying the bacchanalia and joyous prosperity that I have as an American in a First World situation. These songs playfully reveal experiences (with varying viewpoints of predator and prey) that I’ve had on the spectrum between Reverence and Rape.”

Listen & Share: patriarchy – “SWEET Piece Of Meat”
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Watch & Share: patriarchy – “I Don’t Want To Die”

Watch & Share: patriarchy – “HELL Was Full”

Listen & Share: patriarchy – “HELL Was Full”
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Watch & Share: patriarchy – “IT Goes Fast

Listen & Share: patriarchy – “IT Goes Fast”
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Watch & Share: patriarchy – “GRIND Your Bones”

Asking For It – track listing:

01. Asking For It

02. Burn the Witch

03. Hell Was Full

04. It Goes Fast

05. Maximus

06. He Took It Out

07. Sweet Piece of Meat

08. Grind Your Bones

09. I Don’t Want to Die

10. Laid Down

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