EXCLUSIVE ALBUM STREAM: Jaded Truth – “Take A Seat”


St. John’s Newfoundland post-Grunge/Heavy Metal band Jaded Truth will rerlease their new album, Take A Seat, this Frdiay, November 25th, 2022, the third in a trilogy, the band has been consistently releasing strong, heady albums for the last few years! You can stream the full labum here at Ghost Cult, before its release, now.



This is our third album in a trilogy of music which explores the darker sides of our reality… On Rx, we took a journey into insomnia & addiction.

The themes of the next album Tsukimono, were more spiritual & paranormal…

With “Take a Seat” we are making a commentary on the current state of the world.

With the pandemic & political/social unrest, it feels like society is collapsing around us…. “Take a Seat” and watch it fall…

The album has elements of grunge, punk & heavy metal… also a couple more melodic tracks

01- Worthless Meek

02 – A City Drowned

03 – Pork Product

04 – Cancel Me

05 – Lapse In Judgement

06 – Nothing Much

07 – Riders

08 – Governbent

09 – Sinking Deep

10 – Rotto’s Modern Life

11 – Why?

12 – Red Sky/Dark Rye



Jaded Truth formed in 2019 in St John’s Newfoundland. It all began when Kyle Woodland & Aaron Jones were looking for a drummer after the demise of their previous band. They soon recrutied Michael Small behind the kit and began writing songs. Influenced by the 90’s bands of seattle such as Nirvana & Alice in chains, jaded truth has a heavy & dirty sound with influences of punk & metal.

2020 the band released their debut album Rx, which was a concept album about insomnia & addiction. They soon followed up in 2021 with Tsukimono which was mastered by legendary grunge producer Jack Endino

Photo credit: Miss Take Photography

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