Back from a three-year hiatus, kvlt multi-instrumentalist Jamie Blacker, a.k.a. ESA returns with his new album this week That Beast on Negative Gain Recordings. Running the table of influences from black metal to dark industrial, dark-ambient and much more, That Beast is a musical kaleidoscope of extremes you need to experience. Ghost Cult has teamed up with ESA to stream his entire new album, which you can hear below.

Blacker commented:

I was completely unshackled for this release. I wasn’t chained to a concept or purpose other than making ‘That Beast’ as big and powerful and energetic as possible. It felt liberating and the result is an album that has its own complete identity. Ironically I feel more personally tied to this release than anything else I’ve done. That Beast has been unleashed.”

Purchase That Beast at this link: https://esangp.bandcamp.com/album/that-beast