EXCLUSIVE ALBUM STREAM: Code Noir – “Jack of All Spades”

Greek/Swedish Heavy Metal disciples Code Noir will release their new EP tomorrow, Jack of all Spades, and it’s full of bangers that take you on a journey to the center of your mind! The album releases on CD and digital formats via Leviaphonic Records and pre-orders are available now at the link below. Ghost Cult is proud to bring you this album today!


Pre-order the EP here: https://code-noir.bandcamp.com/album/jack-of-all-spades

Michael (vocals, guitars, and bass) comments:

“‘Jack of All Spades’ contains 5 songs that talk about different aspects of the human psyche, focusing on themes of inner turmoil and hidden desires. Accordingly, I feel the songs cover some musical ground and have a certain variety to them.

“‘The Devil Within’ is about championing the vileness, the secrets, and the darkness that we all hold inside, embracing the aspects that we normally try to keep hidden from others. Because, when all is said and done, our flawed inner core is also the purest and truest expression of ourselves.

“‘Supersonic’ tells the story of a man who is a slave to his own vanity and narcissism, who had hopes and dreams but not quite enough potential to fulfill them. Through the passage of time, this truth becomes painfully clear to him, so he waits and waits for the liberation that death will bring, striking fast.

“‘Words Never Said’ is about silence. Specifically, how silence can bring about the end to a relationship when the wants and needs are not expressed and how that often ends up being rationalized into an ‘it was for the best’ when in fact, one can never know.

“‘Monarch’ is a dark tale of mind control, of breaking down the individual’s personality and will until there is nothing left, leaving them to fall prey to the desires of the one doing the controlling. The inspiration for this one was from the stories about the Mk Ultra program.

“Finally, ‘Crucify Their Way’ talks of taking all the pain, all the anger, all the hate and doing something constructive with it: destroy the world that binds you and build a new one. Although it may not seem that way at first listen, I’d like to think that it’s an optimistic closer.”

Track Listing:

  1. The Devil Within
  2. Supersonic
  3. Words Never Said
  4. Monarch
  5. Crucify their Way


Band Members:

Michael T – Vocals, Rhythm and Lead Guitar, Bass

Adam Chapman – Lead Guitar

Guest Musicians:

Kiran Surana: Backing vocals on tracks 1 and 3

Lukky Sparxx: Lead guitar on tracks 4 and 5



Mixed by Adam Chapman at Black Dawn Studios, Sweden.

Mastered by Tobben Eriksson.

Produced by Code Noir.

Artwork and Layout by VisionBlack.