EXCLUSIVE ALBUM STREAM: Anisoptera – Spawn of Odonata

From deep in the Bay Area death metal scene comes Anisoptera, who are releasing their crushing new album Spawn of Odonata tomorrow, September 14th. The brainchild of guitarist Randall Krieger and vocalist Robby Perry, the album features guest vocal appearances by Jared Christianson (Arkaik) and Jimbo Patton (Aethere). With just the right mix of progressive technical death and the brutal slam of classic bands, Anisoptera is a band you need to keep an eye on in 2018. Ghost Cult proudly brings you the EXCLUSIVE full album stream of Spawn of Odonata right now!


The band has commented:

As we began writing ‘Spawn of Odonata’ our primary goal was to ensure that each song stood apart from the last by keeping originality and creativity a priority. We wanted to go out of the box and try a bunch of different concepts and collaborate them with different tones, noises, and rhythmic complexity. Focused on hard hitting riffs, different time signatures and tempo changes, we added contrapuntal bass lines and aggressive melodic vocals. We’re humbled by all the great feedback so far, and can’t wait to start recording new material for the next EP/Album.

The album was produced by Mick Kenney (Annal Nathrakh), having already opened for the likes of Deicide, Dying Fetus, Sepultura and Septicflesh, the band will debut new material live tonight, opening for Obscura!

Spawn of Odonata track listing:

1. Parasite

2. Rebirth

3. Cursed

4. Aerial Predator

5. Sporadic Cycle

6. Ammonite

7. Sterilization

8. Heterochromia Iridis

Pre-order: https://anisopteraofficial.bandcamp.com/album/spawn-of-odonata-2