EXCLUSIVE ALBUM PREMIERE: Officer X Shares New Album “Hell Is Coming”


Many will debate after the last few years in the world, that Hell is already here, while others are seriously hoping for a biblical rapture to happen. In the meantime for those who love actual life and Metal, comes Officer X, whose new album Hell Is Coming releases this week, September 30th, 2022! The album is full of great Heavy Metal bombast and anthems of the highest classic inspirations; full of rage, and yes, joy too! Check out the full album debut here at Ghost Cult before you can stream it everywhere!


The band comments: “I know we use the word ‘metal’ a lot, and I am a metalhead for sure, but that was never really the intent behind the band,” says vocalist and guitarist Rodrigo van Stoli. “It was more about writing songs, and because of our common influences they turned out to be heavy tunes. My favorite ‘metal’ bands never set out to be metal bands, they just played loud rock with tons of riffs, and the metal label was applied to them later. I see us as heavy rock and roll, and we definitely achieved that.”



Be warned: Hell Is Coming.


That’s the mighty declaration behind the debut album from Officer X, the Boston heavy rock band who unleash debut album Hell Is Coming on Friday, September 30. A steady storm of rock and roll fury and traditional heavy metal brimstone, the unapologetic yet melodic riff machine’s inaugural effort burns through the speakers on a variety of formats: Cassette, compact disc, and digital.


Unbothered by trends untethered to expectation, the tone for Hell Is Coming was set by a series of singles — last fall’s soaring “Lady Soledad,” spring’s epic “Moon Man,” and this month’s brash “Hellfire” — that position Officer X as a band that sounds like nothing else in New England. Hear a private preview of Hell Is Coming below, recommended at maximum volume.



Spotify: https://spoti.fi/3RMEBJe

YouTube: https://bit.ly/3BjKTcf