Every Time I Die Shares New Single and Lyric Video for “AWOL”


Post-Hardcore leaders Every Time I Die have officially released a new single and lyric video for their song “AWOL.” You can purchase and stream the track from their label Epitaph Records right now.




Video by Rob Fidel @bigbobfidel


Written by Every Time I Die

Produced, mixed, engineered & mastered by Will Putney


Keith Buckley: Vocals

Jordan Buckley: Guitar

Andy Williams: Guitar

Steve Micciche: Bass

Clayton “Goose” Holyoak: Drums



the shape of your data’s got me astral projecting, but I think you and I we need to talk. because the soul of the code your equipment had sent me? it might as well have been outlined in chalk. I cannot decipher what all the static is but I got a pretty good read on your black thoughts. the passion that makes me feel alive again. it’s gonna be the death. the death of us. the space between us is like a crime scene with no blood and no fingerprints you got the wrong man, I never crossed that line. A-W-O-L I owe myself an apology. I hope that I mean it. doubt it, right? yea so do I take my word, I don’t want it. it ain’t no good. don’t just stand there and look at me come and give me your trash. I want to feel your hot flash. I want to see your teeth gnash. I want to come in dead last go down together, get drunk at the bottom and tell you some bullshit like “baby, our scars are the same.” we are out of this world. because all good drugs go to heaven.