Eve Minor Shares a New Single – “I’m Lonely”

Multi-talented genre blending artist Eve Minor has dropped a new single, “I’m Lonely” on streaming services. The sultry electronic track highlights Eve’s voice and penchant for entrancing, catchy melodies. She just performed at Punk Rock Bowling with Leftover Crack and has put out and performed many different styles of music over the years. Mixed and mastered by Jay Ruston (Slipknot, Anthrax), the track comes off of Eve’s forthcoming new album Sunshine Wasteland, release date TBD. Play “I’m Lonely” now!


About the track and artist:

Multi instrumentalist and edgy pop star, Eve Minor, releases another self produced banger. Incorporating elements of synth pop while blending hip hop and electronic dance drums, the song gives way for intricate dark melodies and a massive chorus. “I’m Lonely” talks about a back and forth tumultuous romance, leaving Eve Minor heart broken and lonely, looking for love. Taking the past couple years to work on herself and heal, Eve Minor uses her voice and music as an outlet for her pain, grief, and love. A goth Beyonce, she gives her full heart and soul into her works with complete lyrical honesty. “I’m Lonely” is a single off of her “Sunshine Wasteland” record slated to release this year, which reflects on her time spent in California following a move out of New York City at the beginning of the pandemic. A mix between Lady Gaga’s “Fame” era and Nine Inch Nails “Pretty Hate Machine”, topped with sultry vocals akin to Adele, Eve Minor continues to embellish her uncompromising uniqueness. Having created the Screwgaze genre, this song brings more of a pop feel. It has been mixed and mastered by Slipknot’s go to engineer, Jay Ruston, adding more to her artistic diversity. After playing Punk Rock Bowling with a punk outfit, it would make perfect sense that 2021’s David Bowie would release a pop tinged single. The juxtaposition and one of a kind aesthetic of Eve Minor is truly unparalleled, and we are all excited to hear what is next as she keeps us on our toes artistically and sonically.


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