EP REVIEW: Torus – Sail

Founded in 2019 in their hometown Milton Keynes the duo Torus, Sail (MNRK) is their debut EP and sees Alfie Glass play guitars, drums, and singing and Harry Quin on the bass and behind the mixing desk. Only four songs long, it is a promising debut offering up big and punchy rock with an alternative flavour to it.

The title track kicks things off, with its pleasingly cavernous drums and huge riffs sounding like early Foo Fighters. There is a discernible nineties influence to this all too brief fifteen-minute EP, with the fuzzy guitar melody and Alfie’s Josh Homme-esque vocals of ‘Did It Again’ bringing Queens Of The Stone Age to mind. It is a confident and assured debut, showing that they are developing their own style and not just aping bands from yesteryear.

‘Clone’ is the heaviest moment here, a metallic slice of angst ridden grunge with towering chords culminating in a woozy solo. The final track ‘Hurt You’, with its scuzzy guitars and simple yet to the point chorus reminiscent of Royal Blood, rounds off a taut EP full of promise and big and punchy alt-rock.

Buy the EP here: https://youtu.be/yDydrgdLlwY

7 / 10