Art Of Dying – Nevermore


Have you ever been in a relationship that damaged your heart beyond repair? Ever had to look for the strength to stand up for yourself and walk away from something your heart won’t let go of? Then I recommend this album.

Art of Dyings new release Nevermore(Of Vices and Virtues Music/The Fuel Music) is the fifth album the band have released since 2006. I would define it as new age rock with catchy guitar riffs, solid bass lines, and technical drumming that tells the story of a broken heart finding strength in tragedy. The three-part vocals create strong choruses and emotionally heavy verses, that any victim of love can relate too.

The six track album starts off with ‘All or Nothing’, despite the emotional lyrics the uplifting beat gets you moving, reminding me if a harder Hinder. Using the classic guitar solo to set the tone for the rest of the album. ‘Torn Down’ comes in at number two. It has deep lyrics about being tired of being beat down, but finding inner strength to rise above and fight back. This leads tothe title track of the album. You can feel the pain of the writers’ heart through the lyrics in this song. Using a the powerful quote “If I give you everything, what would be left for me” puts you in his shoes. Personally, using a well-known quote in your lyrics is like painting a new landscape aroundPicasso’sThe Scream,but it fit well in the song insinuating the pain in his heart. ‘Seen This Coming’is a song that asks the same questions we all do in times of heartache. ‘Paradise’ has an uplifting and powerful melody that hides heartfelt lyrics filling you with complex emotions like you feel during a break up. The last track on the album is ‘Cages’, personally my favorite track. It starts with tribal like drums leading to smooth and powerful riffs making your head bob until about 2 minutes in when they hit you with a hard break down.

Nevermoreis a perfect example of the growth, talent, and determination this band has. Although I personally listen to harder styles of music, I am happy to add this to the softer side of my playlist.



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