EP REVIEW: Primitive Man – Insurmountable

The three-man deathsludge machine, known simply as Primitive Man, has dropped four new blistering tracks in the form of an EP entitled Insurmountable (Closed Casket Activities). Mixing funeral doom, black metal, and harsh noise elements, this powerhouse from Denver, Colorado is one of the most abrasive, yet satisfying bands out there. After thirty-eight minutes, any first listeners will certainly start working on the rest of the group’s discography.

Insurmountable starts off with the longest track on the release, ‘This Life’ and is excruciating, just like life; twelve minutes you are sure to get lost in. The harsh noise leads come in towards the last minute or so to tie it all together before plunging into the next track. ‘Boiled’ works as a barrier between the previous track and what is yet to come. Seven minutes of harsh noise with no vocals, sounding like the very depths of Hell, holding onto your soul for what feels like an eternity.

Until, suddenly, ‘Cage Intimacy’ cuts in and rattles what odd comfort felt from the previous few minutes. Slow, doom, and gloom, the Primitive Man way, greets the first two minutes and then kicks up the heat with some blast beats on the drums before slowing back down again. ‘Quiet’ rounds out this EP with some mid-tempo madness that has the sensation of a downfall. Perhaps this so-called ‘Quiet’ is what is heard as you are lowered into your grave.

Primitive Man, after ten years, is aging like the finest of wines and this EP is proof of it. In a little over a half hour, Insurmountable is able to achieve what other doom bands could only dream (is nightmare a verb?) about across full-length albums.

Take note of these guys if you have not already and do not miss them the next time they come through your local venue.

Buy the album here: https://closedcasketactivities.com/collections/primitive-man

8 / 10