Owl Maker – Sky Road EP

Since the release of debut EP Paths of the Slain earlier this year, Connecticut trio Owl Maker – named after a Lakotan crone goddess, no less – have been gaining praise for their hard-hitting Blues Rock, and latest EP Sky Road (self-released) further whets the appetite for a full-length attempt.

‘Sky Road 13’, the first of two all-too-brief tracks, displays the rollicking Rock ‘n’ Roll side of the band, chugging riffs and Jessie May’s rumbling bass enveloping Chris Anderson’s rattling drums; the whole showing invention and melody with switches of pace and the electrifying solo work of Vestal Claret’s Simon Tuozzoli.

‘Owl City’, meanwhile, whilst retaining the greasy bedrock, possesses a more sensitive and Psychedelic influence – Tuozzoli’s soaring vocals and harmonies, usually accompanying some NWOBHM-style galloping rhythms and a sinister growl which maintains the hard edge.

Though not enough to give a definitive impression of a core sound, the varying tempos and storytelling nature of the tracks suggests a progressive mentality and assures the listener that Owl Maker is not a dated, bar-room boogie outfit. There’s plenty to look forward to here.