EP REVIEW: Kontact – First Contact

Kontact’s debut EP is rather tricky to pin down in terms of style. Voivod makes the most immediate comparison with an aesthetic immersed in similar cosmic theming and the vocals channeling Snake in a similarly manic yet almost robotic sneer. However, the guitar work draws more on Speed Metal gallops and doomy riffs than the high-pitched dissonance that would come with such an association. King Gizzard at their heaviest might also be an applicable reference point though there isn’t quite as much psychedelic fuzz wafting about.

This variety is well reflected in the songwriting, which seems to fluctuate in style with every track. The opening ‘Ancient Malice’ and ‘Heaven’s Gate’ play up their Speed Metal appeal, the former offering an over-the top-start and the latter making for an especially anthemic number. In contrast, ‘The Devil In Iron’ is borderline Stoner Doom territory with its trudging shuffle and ‘City Of The Pyramid’ sees some mid-tempo brooding before its faster climax. The closing take on ‘Fieldz Of Sunshrine’ by Sacred Blade also makes for some fun spaced out cult metal appeal.

Overall, First Contact (Temple Of Mystery Records) does well in making a unique impression. The presentation may take some getting used to with the vocals being an acquired taste. Fortunately, this Space Rock by means of Heavy Metal is come by and the unorthodox influences works in the EP’s favor. It’s a well-contained listen but one that suggests even more greatness with further elaboration. It’ll be quite interesting to see where Kontact could go from here.


Buy the EP here: https://kontactheavymetal.bandcamp.com/album/first-contact


8 / 10