Hyvmine – Fight or Flight

To Djent or not to djent, that is the question. In the brief decade since the rise of the style named for the onomatopoeia of Meshuggah’s guitar tone became the genre du- jour for while in heavy music and folded back into prog again. We still don’t know the answer. In the meantime, prog heads are content to jam their favorites and occasionally take note of supreme new talent on the scene. Right now, the new hot, super awesome talent is Al Joseph, and his project is Hyvmnie.

Although just an EP, there is an entire album’s worth of licks, tricks, mellifluous ear candy, and amazing songcraft to satisfy. Joseph and his cohorts can shred on a track like nobodies business. Joseph can also arrange like a genius and has a beautiful, soulful singing voice so when you have those tools at your disposal, it’s not hard to impress.

‘Coup de Grace’ starts things off with an 8-minute workout jam, nt unlike the very first Animals As Leaders, Periphery or Tesseract albums. Definitely heavy enough for those who love metal and technicality, but a lovely tune as well. This track alone gives me the confidence to report that I hear many more albums worth of promise from this band.


‘The Epicoustic’ begins as a gentle unplugged ditty, but blooms to a full-blown rock jam, with a lot of Devin Townsend type melodies and guitar wizardry. The uptempo parts of the song have magically intertwined guitar and sequencer lines.

The closer ‘Feather Bed’ is truly an epic track. Everything plus the kitchen sink of songwriting and musicality. Amazing and uplifting music. Downright inspiring stuff.

Great songwriting, great guitar playing will always be in fashion, no matter what the wrapper says.