EP REVIEW: Eyes Of Perdition – Incendiary Truths

Eyes Of Perdition’s debut EP, Incendiary Truths (self-released) reveals much potential for the four-piece, but also leaves a lot to be desired as it seems as though the group is still finding their footing. Understood – of course – because they formed only in 2019.

What we are treated with right out the chute is a chugging titular track that acts as an instrumental introduction. The down-tuned riff sandwiches a minor bass line with a simple yet effective drum. However, it leaves you wanting more, and for better and worse, is a fitting indicator of things to come.

‘Dealing Death’ segues into a slammy offering that sees Lindsay O. incorporating her sandpaper vocals and quasi-pig squealing. But pinch harmonics throughout are out of place and randomly thrown into the mix.


Drummer Dekota Martin shows off his chops with a raucous repertoire of doom-inspired work on curiously titled ‘For Natty Ice’ and machine-gun smashing on ‘When Deeply Ingrained Traumas Spill Forth Like Maggots In Carrion.’ Except the majority of the 15-minute-plus runtime exposes the EP as hesitant and tame, considering the talent that is lingering within.

There is a scant variety in guitar tones (‘Ruled By Pluto’) and the rest of the album is chock full of made-for-live-audiences breakdowns and head-banging leads, but relies on them too much in lieu of exploring, experimenting or taking creative chances. That could break the generic death-metal mold.

What shouldn’t be lost in all this is the tight and quite presentable production, given the EP was self-released. The instruments are no doubt loud and clear and the vocals aren’t buried behind a wall of noise, giving them space to flourish. It is far removed from the grimy, sludge-fueled filth-fests that the likes of Obituary released during their formative years.

However, as a whole, Incendiary Truths comes off as just another run-of-the-mill Death Metal album in an already saturated world of exactly that. And with the lack of a corporate record label breathing down their necks, Eyes of Perdition should have been spicing things up, not falling in line with the rest of them.

Buy the EP here: https://eyesofperdition.bandcamp.com/album/incendiary-truths

6 / 10