Eva Plays Dead – Sounds of the Written Word EP


People often complain about the lack of female musicians in the rock and metal music scene, and it is easy to see why. Despite this, many of the new and upcoming rock bands are female fronted, such as Marmozets, New Year’s Day and Butcher Babies. Another addition to this expanding list is Eva Plays Dead, a Midlands-based quartet. Describing themselves as “no-nonsense rock with attitude”, their infectious melodies and energetic live performances have been winning over crowds across the country. Their new EP is called Sounds of the Written World (SoundHub) and it is sure to increase their ever-growing fan base.

Opening track ‘Live Again’ begins with a fast-paced and furious riff, which merges perfectly with Tiggy Dee’s hard-hitting vocals. The energy and pure passion hits you from the first second of the song, giving you the perfect insight into what Eva Plays Dead are about; citing bands such as The Dirty Youth and LostAlone as their main influences, this is easily apparent in their own music. The catchy choruses and harsh riffs are almost infectious and make them a welcome addition to the rock music scene.

One of the best things about Eva Plays Dead is their attitude towards their music; unlike many bands in the music industry, they do not have to rely on gimmicks or conformity. Their music speaks for itself, and it is easy to see exactly why people are so excited for Sounds of the Written Word – it is definitely worth the wait!