Epica vs Attack on Titan EP

Dutch natives, Epica are releasing their second EP – Epica vs Attack on Titan (Nuclear Blast) —based on the Japanese anime series Attack on Titan. The band recorded the EP last summer and released it in Japan last December. Now, the rest of the world will finally be able to get an earful of pure symphonic metal. Attack on Titan, the series, has seen a vast success since its release in 2009 and Epica have achieved a wonderful job on their covers of the Japanese comic series.  

Production wise, the eight-track EP is amazing for those who are keen with the genre. Right off the bat, a fast and thriving catchy melody is introduced in the opener ‘Crimson Bow and Arrow’.

The second track ‘Wings Of Freedom’ comes in ruthless with fast keyboards and guitars while the drama on ‘Inside These Walls Was A House’ tricks you into thinking it is going to be a subtle ballad until it crescendos intensely, but then comes back down softly to the ballad it began as; it’s dark, dramatic, heavy and everything you want from a symphonic track. The blistering choir in ‘Dedicate Your Heart!’ blends perfectly with the empowering keys.

The EP repeats itself with instrumental pieces of the four songs. Without the vocals—the tracks stand strong but it is really the gruesome vocals by Simone Simons that make the album come alive. She really showcases her vocal ability on these pieces. Listeners don’t have to have to be fan of the anime series to appreciate the wonderful soundtrack Epica has created to this world.