Colt 48 – Negatives

Alternative Metal is considered by some in the Metal community to be the black sheep of the genre: bands like Breaking Benjamin, Disturbed, Sevendust and many others have seen mainstream success because of the accessible sound and simplistic yet catchy song structures which come with the genre. During the 00s, Alternative Metal exploded and has acted as the gateway for many listeners to discover the vast sonic ground which is under the banner of Metal. The question is: does Colt 48’s new release Negatives (independent release) have any merit now that those heydays are over?

Yes. Yes it does.

With all the songs staying within the comfortable three to four-minute range, no momentum is lost from track to track and it scratches that infectious chorus itch that is paramount in the Alt. Metal genre. The vocal performances on this record are earworms and offer fresh perspectives with some interesting melody choices which don’t stray too far away from a killer catchy line. The riffs, although not immensely groundbreaking for the genre, still capture that essence and musicality which makes this genre of music so accessible and enjoyable. The production on the record is clear, crisp and dynamic: mimicking the high-production values of the genre’s headliners.

Colt 48 are wearing their influences on their sleeve which is more of a compliment than a comment of perceived unoriginality. Blending the sounds of Breaking Benjamin, Three Days Grace, Sevendust and Alter Bridge, Colt 48 stand up to their genre peers by sounding fresh despite borrowing sentiments from the aforementioned bands.

Is Negatives breaking new ground for the genre of Alternative Metal? No. What Negatives treats us to however is a fresh perspective on the genre which is oversaturated with mere copycats. They stand toe to toe with their peers with original and infectious melodic choruses, tight riffs and a subtle throwback to that angsty golden age.

7 / 10