Emma Ruth Rundle Shares New Video “You Don’t Have To Cry”

Riding high on the success of her recent album On Dark Horses, Emma Ruth Rundle continues to make 2019 the year of ERR, with the stunning new video for the track “You Don’t Have To Cry”, via her label Sargent House on YouTube. You can watch the clip below. In addition to her own tours to support that album, collaborative touring with Jaye Jayle, her upcoming album with Thou, and her work as one of the curators ofRoadburn 2020, featuring the return of Red Sparrowes, Rundle will keep expanding her reach to fans near and wide with this variety of projects.

From the album “On Dark Horses”, available now on Sargent House

Buy / Download / Stream: http://smarturl.it/ERR-ODH

Featuring Blake Armstrong

Concept by Emma Ruth Rundle & Blake Armstrong

Directed by Mitch Wells

Cinematography by Clifton Stommel

Official Page / Tour Dates: http://emmaruthrundle.com

Facebook : https://www.facebook.com/emmaruthrundle

Instagram : http://instagram.com/emmaruthrundle

Twitter : https://twitter.com/EmmaRuthRundle


“You Dont Have to Cry” Lyrics:

Impetuous girl, what you don’t know can’t hurt you

Wish they wouldn’t come back around here no more

But you say “ I’ll get you yet”

They are crass, all the people in towns, are falling out and falling down and falling

Wish I would’ve come back here less as a boy dressed up as girl dressed all in colors

And how you will sing to them

And how your pain will fall

And how you’ll sing to them

Singing it:

La la la la la la la la la lah ”

You don’t have to cry anymore

All the prettiest worlds…

Don’t cover them all up in your mind

As you paint, as it should’ve been, you were meant to love

You could not live without it

And in your heart and in your lines

You’ve worked so hard

And you’ve lived so kind, been out there just falling down

Wish they wouldn’t come back

For my boy dressed as a girl dressed all in colors

And how you will sing to them

And how your verses fall

And how there’s a Roman candle burning just for you

You don’t have to cry anymore