Elder’s Nick DiSalvo Announces Delving Solo Project, Releases First Video

Elder frontman and leader Nick DiSalvo has kept busy during the lockdown year by writing and recording a new solo project. Under the name Delving will release his debut album, Hirschbrunnen, on June 11 via his own Stickman Records! His upcoming delving album was recorded, mixed and mastered by Richard Behrens and Emanuele Baratto at Big Snuff Studio. Check out the debut single and wild music video for “The Reflecting Pool” now and pre-order the album below!


“I’m an almost obsessive songwriter, working on music every day and amassing a huge collection of song fragments and ideas that often don’t get the attention I’d like because of the time I spend with my main band.” DiSalvo recently explained.“‘Thanks’ to this pandemic, I’ve had plenty of time to pick up some of the songs I’ve written over the past years and finally make an album that I’ve been telling myself forever I’d do.


From my earliest moments as a musician, I have been obsessed with home recordings, begging my parents for a Tascam 4-track cassette recorder for Christmas when I was 12 and making my own albums. delving is a continuation of this creative spirit: experimenting all on my own, forgetting bands, fans and expectations and making whatever music I want to.”


“Hirschbrunnen – “stag fountain” – is the colloquial name of a large fountain that presides over a large green area near where I live.“ DiSalvo continues.”For me, it’s been strange to see my world, which normally consists of a fair amount of travel and external stimuli, reduced to one city, one district, one block for so long. Frustrating as that is, you might start to find inspiration and surprising beauty in your everyday surroundings that you otherwise would have ignored. Just as all the music I make is influenced by my experiences, Hirschbrunnen is a product of this unique and strange time in which we all have been forced to delve more deeply into our own thoughts.”


Pre-order the album here: https://www.stickman-records.com/shop/delving-hirschbrunnen/


[Artwork by Artour Ette]



Hirschbrunnen Tracklist:

  1. Ultramarine
  2. Delving
  3. The Reflecting Pool
  4. Wait And See
  5. Hirschbrunnen
  6. Vast

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