Einar Selvik Talks First Wardruna Tour Of the USA, Vikings And More

Though his musical output with Wardruna, his work on the score of History Channel’s hit show Vikings, his many collaborations with other bands and his solo work Einar “Kvitrafn” Selvik has helped keep traditional Norse music alive. With Wardruna’s “Rune Trilogy” and most recently through his solo EP release Snake Pit Poetry (By Norse), Selvik continues to explore these ancient themes, but still relevant to our modern world through lyrics and instrumentation. By keeping some piece of this art in both worlds, he is also creating something new and fresh in the world of heavy music. Ghost Cult’s Keefy caught up with Einar before Wardruna’s New York City début at the prestigious Town Hall venue. He spoke of Wardruna fans, touring with fickle centuries-old instruments, his solo music, creating music for and appearing on Vikings and the next Wardruna album! Thanks to Heather Wilkerson for her Vi

deography and live photos from the show.