Doom Video Game Composer Assembles Metal Vocalists For “Doom Eternal” Soundtrack

Acclaimed composer Mick Gordon shared today that he has assembled a who’s who of metal bands to contribute vocals to the newest and fifth edition in the Doom video game franchise, Doom Eternal. The game is coming soon from id software and Bethesda Software. Bands began to post today on social media sharing the news. Among the vocalists from bands included are Aborted, Frontierer, Immortal Bird, Vault Dweller Tengger Calvary, Wildspeaker, Black Crown Initiate, Sectioned, The Anchor, and many more we are still finding out about. We’ll bring you more updates on the game and the score as we get them.


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I tagged @knivesinorbit on a @metalsucks thread one day and suddenly this happened ??‍♂️. – Chad was selected as 1 of 44 out of thousands who applied to be part of the Heavy Metal Choir for the new video game DOOM Eternal ? ? – This weekend he flew out to Texas to record with Mick Gordon, taking part in a project which has never been done before. – There is absolutely no limit to what you can achieve on your own in 2019. – I am so proud of my friend who has achieved so much since before this time last year when life was in a totally different place. – No boundaries, only noise. – #doom #weallbleednoise #frontierer #videogame #ps4 #xbox #mickgordon #composing #doometernal #unloved #oxidized #IALCCA #mathcore #independentband

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