Domkraft Shares “The Rift (Live)” from “Day Of Doom Live” Album

Swedish Doom Metal legends Domkraft has shared a new single, “The Rift (Live)” from their forthcoming “Day Of Doom Live’ album, due on December 11th via Magnetic Eye Records. The “Day of Doom” label showcase was held at Brooklyn’s Saint Vitus Bar. This once-in-a-lifetime gathering was held in November 2019 to celebrate MER’s first decade. It featured nine roster acts performing back-to-back, with the headline shows captured by Chris Johnson (Deafheaven, Summoner) to commemorate the event as a set of four exclusive live albums.

Domkraft comments: “This is one of those songs that always tends to get rowdier in a live setting than the recorded version”, state the Swedes. “The bouncy main riff feels a lot nastier, almost as if it feeds off the energy in the room without us having anything to do with this. It’s hard to explain, but there’s definitely something strange going on.”

Pre-order the album and all the MER “Day of Doom” sets here.

Digisleeve CD

Limited edition docean blue vinyl

Worldwide edition classic black vinyl

4CD Hardcover Art Book feat. all 4 live albums from Domkraft, Elephant Tree, Summoner and Horsehunter

  1. The Rift (live)
  2. Through the Ashes (live)
  3. The Watchers (live)
  4. Meltdown of the Orb (live)
  5. Flood (live)
  6. Landslide (live)