Dogjoy Shares a New Music Video – “Super Glue”

Prolific Floridian Hardcore Punk duo Dogjoy has dropped a new video for their single “Super Glue.” Ther track comes from their late 2020 EP Hardcore Fun, released in December 2020, which followed their full-length debut Sober Nights in October 2020. Both releases are out now via Mission Two Entertainment. As a change of pace, “Super Glue” flows over your earholes with spastic Trap-ish beats, atmospheric, brooding bass, and vocals from Robots. The video is cool with a dark narrative to tell.

Minor warning for those sensitive to strobes or flashing lights.

“I wanted to tell a story about a being who is either cursed or very special, who has arrived in the world in a strange way,” explains DOGJOY vocalist KK. “Lyrically, the song is about a person who has a little too much control over a more vulnerable partner; terms of endearment become traps meditatively set until the two are woven together like threads in super glue.”


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