‘Dimevision Vol 2: Roll With It Or Get Rolled Over’ Is Coming In November

As we told you back in August, DimeVision 2 is done, and now we finally have its release date. Dimevision Vol 2: Roll With It Or Get Rolled Over” will be hitting stores on November 24th via Metal Blade Records, and you can watch the first trailer for the DVD below!

The DVD/CD set, which will include more raw footage, true gems and classic Dimebag moments, will also include five previously unreleased demos, picked from a vast catalog Dimebag accrued since longtime girlfriend Rita Haney gave him his first 4-track in 1984.

Rita Haney said this on Dimevision Vol 2, “It comes from something he was saying a lot in 2003 and 2004. He’d call from the road and he’d say ‘man, I’m beat up out here, but that’s the highs and lows of rock and roll. You gotta roll with it or get rolled over. He had a unique way of seeing things, and he always lived with a video camera. No matter where we went he was always capturing what was going on, and myself and others around him were filming a lot too. In putting out these videos I just want people to see the way he was, 24/7. What you saw on stage and backstage, that was how he lived.

She went on to talk about the five previously unreleased demos, “These songs come from his off-time, it was entertainment to him – one of them was even inspired by a George Michael solo record coming out back in the 80s!” she laughs. “But he loved making music and he appreciated all kinds of music, whether he was making a joke of it or not, it still caught his ear, and I hope people can enjoy these songs for what they are and the spirit they were made in.

Beginning today, a PledgeMusic campaign has also been launched to support the release of the set. In addition to acting as a pre-order for the set, the PledgeMusic campaign includes an assortment of rare items to buy, including props and costumes that belonged to Dimebag and that you can see in his home videos/Dimevision volumes, rare stage clothing, and other merchandise. Visit the PledgeMusic page here!

Pre-order Dimevision Vol 2: Roll With It Or Get Rolled Over here.