Deicide – In The Minds Of Evil

Deicide-in-the-Minds-of-Evil The death metal legends Deicide are back with their eleventh and newest album. Let’s cut the crap and go directly to the point: we never know what we will find with a new album of Deicide, since they have been so damn inconstant in these last twenty-five years of activity. Yeah, they have pure classics like the self-titled debut album and 1992’s Legion under their belt, but they’re also the creators of the horrendous 2001’s In Torment In Hell album. It has never been easy to be a fan of Deicide because you never know. Look at 2006’s The Stench of Redemption. In 2006 the band delivers a record that is fantastic, but before that they had released In Torment In Hell, and after it the not really solid and good albums, 2008’s Till Death Do Us Part and 2011’s To Hell With God.

So, what about this new one? Well, they worked hard and finally, seven years after The Stench of Redemption, they come up with a good and solid album. That’s it. In The Minds Of Evil (Century Media) is what the Deicide’s hardcore fans were waiting for. Opening with a Slayer-esque riff and an awesome vocal melody, on the title track, Deicide sent us in true evil trip where cool riffs and grooves hold hands. Yeah, like Glen Benton said, this new studio effort recaptures the vibe of their first album. Unfortunately it is far from being a classic like the 1990’s self-titled album. But in the end what matters is that Deicide has again created a good record, with the help of Jason Suecof. He’s responsible for the great production on album. Finally!


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Tiago Moreira