December 21st, 2018 New Music Releases

Check Out All Of Today’s New Releases In The Music World!

Julien Baker – Sprained Ankle – Newbury Comics Exclusive (Color) (Buy)

Daughters Of Darkness (By François De Roubaix) – Original Soundtrack (Music On Vinyl) (Buy)

The Disaster – Healing Process (N/A) (Buy)

Death In Vegas – Scorpio Rising(Vinyl) (Music On Vinyl) (Buy)

Cactus – ‘OT ‘N’ Sweaty(Vinyl) (Music On Vinyl) (Buy)

Fall – The Dreamer of Tragedy EP (Buy)

Great Falls– A Sense Of Rest (Corpseflower Records) (Buy)

Golden Earrings – Winter Harvest (Vinyl) (Music On Vinyl) (Buy)

Hero – Original Soundtrack -(Vinyl) (Music On Vinyl) (Buy)

Imagine Dragons – Origins (Buy)

La Muerte – La Muerte (Mottow Sounds) (Buy)

Little Richard – Greatest Hits – Newbury Comics Exclusive (Color) (Buy)

Mewithoutyou – Untitled Album (Buy)

Melvins – Houdini (Vinyl) (Music On Vinyl) (Buy)

Mourning Sign – Contra Mundum (Buy)

Queen – The Game (Buy)

Reel Big Fish – Life Sucks… Let’s Dance! (Buy)

Jon Schaffer’s Purgatory – Purgatory EP (Buy)

Santana – Zebop!(Vinyl) (Music On Vinyl) (Buy)

Sulphur Aeon – The Scythe Of Cosmic Chaos (Van Records) (Buy)

Swallow The Sun – Lumina Aurea (Century Media) (Buy)

Trees – Trees (Buy)

Weather Report – Weather Report (Vinyl) (Music On Vinyl) (Buy)