Decaying Stream New Album Title Track

Decaying Press Picture
Doom laden death metallers Decaying are streaming the first track to come from the bands upcoming fourth release One To Conquer (Hellthrasher Productions). The albums title track can be checked out below is a blistering face melter of a track that powers through from the first Slayer sounding riff to the last Entombed like vocal.


Press Release:

One To Conquer, the fourth full-length album of Finnish old-school death metal squad Decaying is now set for release on November 4th via Hellthrasher Productions.

Decaying, One To Conquer Album Cover

Check out the tracklist for “One to Conquer” below:
01. Frequent Wind
02. The Fall Of Saigon
03. Zero Hour
04. One To Conquer
05. The 38th Parallel
06. The Balance Of Power
07. Iron Curtain
08. Ho Chi Minh Trail

“One To Conquer” is Decaying’s fourth full-length album in four years and sees the Finnish old-school death metal squad unleashing eight new tracks of earth-shattering doom-influenced death-metal, picking up exactly where their still impressive third album “The Last Days of War” left off, but also managing to incorporate enough twists and turns to keep things interesting.

What founder/vocalist/guitarist Matias Nastolin and company have done with “One To Conquer” is stay to true their traditional sound, a raw and blazing death metal interspersed with some crushing doom elements, and then added some melodic guitar licks that give an epic feel to some of these songs.