Death Angel – The Dream Calls for Blood

The-Dream-Calls-For-Blood-Death-AngelThis is the darkest, fastest, and most aggressive Death Angel album to date. Thanks to great song writing and production at the hands (and ears) of Jason Suecof, this just screams evil, tainted thrash. This is one of those albums where every song is good. I don’t know about the dream, but the band certainly called for blood.


Amazing production aside, the musicians here just shine. Singer Mark Osesgueda has a really killer flow on ‘Fallen’. It’s got a catchy as hell chorus that I found myself singing along to. This has their best lyrics so far too. Rob Cavestany’s solos are just remind you of early Kirk Hammett on ‘Caster of Shame’. The title track has a great gang vocal section that just makes everyone sound pissed off. My favorite tracks so far for me are ‘Execution Don’t Save Me’. It is the most dynamic song of the bunch. The acoustic opening reminds you of something early Metallica would have played. Then they blast out into speed heaven before stopping on a dime before the first vocal is uttered. The chorus is just so damned groovy it sticks with you.


Bassist Damien Sisson has marvelous sound that comes across flawlessly on ‘Empty’ and ‘Succubus’. Yay for finger style playing! Drummer Will Carrol lives up to his name; Beastman. He just pounds away on with speed and finesse on ‘Son of the Morning’. The other standout is ‘Territorial Instinct/Bloodlust’. Rob and Ted Aguilar dual harmonies on this bad boy are insane. This has been on repeat many, many times on my stereo. It is a damn fine way to close out this masterfully crafted sonic opus.


It’s school, without being old school (take a minute to figure it out it makes sense). If you’ve been sleeping on Death Angel for whatever reason, this might be the thing to change your mind. And the cover art kicks ass too!



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Omar (@Ojayy666) Cordy