Curing Souls Through Art – An Interview With Nightfall

Nightfall band 2 Nightfall is coming, commanding the foul and the vicious beasts to unleash the hordes of hell upon a new generation of damaged mortals. This sixpiece band of thunderous Greek heavyweights are no strangers to the music world. Violet V recently sat down with singer Eftimis Karamidas to discuss the release of their latest album Cassiopaiea and the history, accomplishments and future endeavors of the band.

Thank you for taking the time to sit down and discuss the new album with Ghost Cult magazine. First off let me just say, after listening to this album I was inspired. The master musicianship you offer is intense mastery. From the complex instrumentals to intricate solos that intrigue the listener, demonstrating Nightfall is a force to be reckoned with. For readers that are unfamiliar with your band’s history, how did Nightfall form? And can you tell our readers a brief history of the band?

The band was formed 22 years ago and since then we have released nine full-length albums. As from 2010 we are proud members of the legendary Metal Blade roster whom with have released the Astron Black & the Thirty Tyrants album and now Cassiopeia. The band consists of Greek, American, and German musicians, something that makes the whole thing very unique indeed.

Why the name Nightfall? And is there a story behind the name of the album? If so what is its meaning?

Nightfall, well, it is so poetic one can cry about it, haha. Seriously now, this is maybe the best time of the day; the transition from light to darkness; that very transition symbolizes the motion, which itself includes an energy, the energy of life.

How long did it take you to write/record Cassiopeia?

About a year.

Nightfall has been a part of the Greek Metal scene for quite some time; do you feel that this scene has matured?

Actually our debut Parade into Centuries of 1992 literally opened the gates of the Greek scene to the world. Since then many Greek bands signed to foreign labels, and have been releasing good and interesting stuff. Nowadays things are quite OK but I think the scene lacks that revolutionary movement took place back then. You know, something beyond the styles and the sounds we, the older ones produce I’d say.

Being quoted as “one of the best Nightfall records”, what did you use as your inspiration for this album?

Reality. Nothing compares to its unlimited sources and ways of reminding you how small you are. Really.

Cassiopeia, is your second album after your return back in 2010, how much does your new line-up contribute to your new-found sound? What roles do each member plays in the creative process?

Music on Cassiopeia was composed by me and Evan Hensley. We did the music together and it was a very interesting process as we had to bridge the different cultures behind us. Then, the rest of the guys came in to arrange their instruments and roles accordingly.

For people who aren’t familiar with Nightfall, how would you like to describe Cassiopeia, musically speaking?

I call it Brutal Heavy Metal. Its melodies and guitar leads remind me of the 80’s metal bands we mostly grew up with, while the vocals and the production overall are really brutal. The mix is clear and stiff thanks to the good performance and the mix that took place in our drummer’s studio in Germany (Soundlodge). Having a member of the band behind the mixing desk is very helpful too.

When writing lyrics are you inspired, by your own personal feelings or thoughts? Are there influences that contribute? Is there a point you’re hoping to get across to your listeners?

We violently drag our demons out from within and all the way to direct light to exorcise them. We cure our souls through art and we share that with people who may feel the same. Nightfall sing about the small tragedies in life that more or less every individual has experienced at least once.

What were your main influences in music and also in art? Do you still listen to the same bands as you did decade ago?

I do listen to old bands, certainly. I do pay attention to the ways a band evolves through the years and find no interest in “one hit wonders” or artists who avoid to experiment in fear of losing fans. Metal music in general is a subculture by itself and as such it shall always be subject to experimentation and new ideas –even unsuccessful ones. It is the motion referred previously here above, haha.

Going from semi-Goth/semi-black to melodic black metal style, which genre influences you the most?

Don’t know, honestly. I spend not a second to think about such issues. What cares to me most is to turn our inner shit into pure art and not keep inside all that pain reality feeds us. Our approach is kinda psychiatric I think and certainly does not apply to the stereotype of a band that is there to sell its soul for rock n roll.

What do you see or hope to see for Nightfall in the near future? Any plans for a tour?

We consider doing some shows within the year. We right now are under discussions about it. What we don’t want for sure is going out on the road in poor quality conditions; that would be unfair for the band and for the fans. Hence we are very selective as to the live shows we do.

These days a lot of bands want to stick to their roots but are pressured by their label or others to fit into a mold. Did you find it hard not to slip into making something more mainstream?

Mainstream? We cannot be a mainstream act even if we cover Europe’s ‘Final Countdown’ and change our sex to beautiful blondes with huge boobs, dear Violet! Don’t know what other bands are doing but hell no, mainstream is so out of the Nightfall picture by heart and the label knows and respects that.

Looking back do you feel satisfied with Nightfall. What would you say are your best and worst moments of the band?

Too many thoughts, too many emotions, too many ups and downs. As every other living being around, Nightfall has enjoyed a variety of feelings. Overall, I am very happy this band is still around doing interesting things despite its age. This is a small victory indeed!

Thank you for taking the time to answer my questions. It is truly appreciated. Is there anything you want to say or information you’d like to add to close the interview off?

Thank you very much for your time and effort in Nightfall. It is truly appreciated, Violet. Thank you all for being there!

Violet V

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