Creative Tips That Will Boost Ticket Sales For Concerts

Concerts are created to suit various purposes and to cater to a wide variety of audiences. There are those which are intended for rock lovers, while there are also those designed to cater to the interest of classical music lovers. Regardless of the specific genre of the concert you are planning to hold, below are some creative tips that will surely boost your ticket sales and guarantee several attendees.


Come up With a Creative Landing Page

One of the primary ways to boost your concert ticket sales is to come up with a creative landing page with a clear call to action button strategically located in more than one place. This will surely boost your online events ticketing sales by a hundredfold because the design elements of your event page are not just ordinary. However, you don’t need to bombard the page with something wordy. In this case, all you need to incorporate is the necessary information that your target attendees need.


Make sure that your landing page contains a comprehensive description of the concert, which includes the date and time that it will take place, as well as where it will be held. You can also include the main topic of the concert or its goals for its attendees, including who should attend. You can also add a short description of the content or what they can expect from the event. Make sure to add links to your social media accounts too.

Create Games for Free Tickets

Another way to boost your concert ticket sales is to give away free tickets through games and competitions, but this is if you have a few concert tickets that you can sacrifice. Keep in mind that most people love competition, such that games for free tickets will tend to create more engagement in your online posts. Thus, you will be able to reach more and more people with minimal effort. Rest assured that those who don’t win the free tickets will most likely buy tickets for themselves to attend the concert simply because you have already captured their interest.

Leverage Podcasts

Numerous people now listen to podcasts as they are driving or commuting, or simply whenever they feel like it. In this case, you can collaborate with speakers and hosts who have already made it big in the podcasting scene. Otherwise, you can delve into the idea of being a podcast star yourself wherein you can interview the performers who will be gracing your concert to provide a sneak peek to your audience on what they can expect when they attend the event. The best part is that the people you reach will most likely share the podcast that you have created to your network, eventually boosting your concert ticket sales.

Collaborate with Other Events

You can also boost your concert ticket sales if you collaborate with other meaningful events. People now love supporting concerts of events for a cause because this is one of the most remarkable ways to give back to the community. Thereby, try to hold a rock concert wherein a portion of the proceeds will go to the victims of abuse and violence or even to the environment.


In this way, more people will most likely support your concert, particularly those advocating the same cause that you are supporting. They will also most likely share your concert with their network and encourage other people to join too. Thus, your tickets will most likely be sold out.

Be Responsive

When you leverage various social media channels to promote your concert, you need to be responsive too when it comes to the inquiries made by your target audience. In this way, they will be prompted to buy their tickets immediately because their inquiries are answered instantly. However, if you are managing various social media channels at one time, being responsive may prove to be quite challenging.

Fortunately, you can already leverage chatbots to provide an instant answer to frequently asked questions regarding your event. In doing so, you will be able to boost your ticket sales in no time and ensure that you have a full-packed event.

A successful concert is one that has several attendees and you will be able to guarantee the success of your event by boosting your ticket sales. In this case, refer to the creative tips and ideas above because one of these may be the key to ensuring a sold-out concert. Rest assured that as long as you target the right audience for your concert, you will be able to garner a full-packed attendance in your event.