Coven To Release Limited-Edition Vinyl Boxed Set

Heavy Metal legends Coven, in partnership with Prophecy Productions, will release Coven: Half A Century Of Witchcraft, a lovingly crafted box-set this December 13th (Friday the 13th)! Housed in a faux-velvet cover and golden hot foil embossment, and limited to just a thousand copies, this release features all manner of Coven treasures. It includes five LPs; the three classic-era Coven albums, Witchcraft Destroys Minds And Reaps Souls, Coven, and Blood On The Snow with revised and enhanced layouts. In addition, the box features a rarities LP with previously unreleased tracks and demos as well as another vinyl titled Esoterica, containing magickal spells from singer and living legend of occult music, Jinx Dawson herself. This is accompanied by a large 48-page hardcover book (30x30cm, faux leather and golden hotfoil embossment) with never before seen photo material. The book offers extensive commentary and liner notes from Jinx and a preface by Rune Anger. In addition, there will be a flag (62x95cm), showing a sigil crafted by the famed frontwoman. The crowning jewel of the box set is a hand-numbered certificate … printed using Dawson’s blood! These will sell-out so order now at the link below!

Jinx comments:

“We are enthralled to be wickedly embracing Prophecy Productions as our blasphemous cohorts. This box set will be a tribute to 50 years of sex, drugs, rock ‘n’ roll and, of course, demon worship.”

▪️ release: December 13

▪️ limited to 1.000 copies

▪️ faux-velvet cover and golden hotfoil embossment

▪️ 5 LPs

Witchcraft Destroys Minds And Reaps Souls


Blood On The Snow

Rarities (unreleased tracks, demos)

Esoterica (magickal spells)

revised and expanded layouts

▪️ 48-page hardcover book

30x30cm, faux leather and golden hotfoil embossment

never before seen photos

extensive commentary and liner notes from Jinx

preface by Rune Anger

▪️ flag (62x95cm) with sigil crafted by Jinx

▪️ hand-numbered certificate, printed using Jinx’ blood!