Court Order Shares a New Single and Visualizer for “Göz Taşı”

Hardcore Metallers Court Order has shared a new single “Göz Taşı!” This is the first track from their upcoming new album, Kingdom Gone, due later this year. Watch the visualizer for the single now!


Lyrics written by Ace Rubina

Music written by Court Order


Forever on the run

Always falling to the side

And it’s never going to change


There’s a shovel by the bed post

Left it there for when you die

No one here to dig your hole for you


Watch as the sun sets for the final time

Feel your life leave your body

You left a broken trail behind

And moved forward with no shame


It’s not enough to live in fear

But it’s enough to disappear


Reach the void and build a cage

You found a way to stay controlled

We’re left to suffocate in rage


What do you do when it falls on you?

You turn your back and face the truth



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