Corey Taylor Attacked By Fan In Russia, Security Takes Him Down


As the frontman of two fo the worlds biggest bands Slipknot and Stone Sour, we spend a lot of time covering author and metal personality Corey Taylor, who has no shortage of opinions on things and happenings with his band or the world. The music news often writes trivial stories involving Corey, because he is popular. But this is an important one fans and other bands need to take note of. An overzealous fan ran on stage during Stone Sour’s recent tour of Russia and charged Corey during his mid-set solo performance of their hit song ‘Bother’. Security intercepted the fan and tackled him to the stage, to which Taylor reacted, “sucks to be you dude”. Still, we live in an age when anything is possible and we have no way of knowing people’s intentions. We are coming up on the 14th anniversary of Dimebag Darrell Abbott’s murder on stage by a deranged fan and the Las Vegas shooting during the Route 91 Harvest Festival that killed 58 people (both in the USA), so security remaining vigilant and protecting artists is paramount. Remember fans, the stage isn’t yours unless you are invited up. Watch the stunning video below. courtesy of fan page Slip Knot on YouTube.