Control Human Delete – The Prime Mover

Control Human Delete - The Prime Mover Despite being active as a band for over a decade, this is only the second release from Dutch electronic black metallers Control Human Delete. The Prime Mover is a collection of razor sharp production, traditional black metal themes, drum programming, samples and synthesizers.

This is the sort of music that would work well within a nightclub atmosphere, as it pulls influence directly from the likes of Satyricon alongside heavy electronic effects. This album is loud, aggressive and makes absolutely no apologies. CHD are certainly not a band to chill out to at home or listen to through headphones (you will risk irreparable damage to your hearing).

The vocals of Void are what really stand out on this record; genuine, classical throaty black metal growls. Unfortunately, the electronic effects have been mixed so high in the mix, during production, that it often becomes unpleasant to listen to. There are moments of genuine musical talent that are completely overshadowed by noisy synthetic soundscapes and the overall effect is both jarring and immensely irritating. The production quality cannot be faulted; both crystal clear and incredibly loud, everything about this album feels enormous.

Lacking in neither magnitude or fierceness, The Prime Mover will perhaps do well for itself within the industrial and EBM scene, however, it will have black metal fans the world over covering their ears and running for cover.

Angela Davey


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