CONCERT REVIEW: Today Is The Day – The Obsessed – Somnuri – Prostitution: Live at Market Hotel

There are few lineups that conjure up the magic of underground metal like the twin pairing of Today Is The Day and The Obsessed. Both groups have had an outsized influence on the underground and it’s hard not to be enamored with what they have done for this scene. With their charismatic frontmen, Steve Austin and Wino respectively, this lineup came together as a sort of minor miracle, celebrating the magic of the new Today is the Day record at a release show that reminded those of us in attendance exactly why these guys are viewed as the true masters of noise metal. Riffs and heavy vibes abounded on the Brooklyn faithful, and after a heady warmup set from Prostitution and then punishing riffage from Somnuri, we were ready for the main events!

When Obsessed get on stage, in this latest incarnation as a three-piece you know you’re in for a treat. Wino is a one of a kind – an American original, the sort of dude who is absolutely not to be fucked with. There is a certain magic to the swagger he brings as a The Obsessed careen through a series of classics and even broke out a Spirit Caravan song! It was good to see one of Doom Metals’ founding heroes stepping out and unleashing some wonderfully heavy madness upon the masses. Few bands have this level of stage presence and swagger. It’s hard not to be mesmerized by the great artist at his finest, commanding the crowd as he guided us through a set that proved the old gods can ride forth successfully time and time again.

Today Is The Day were raw emotion when they came on stage. With a phenomenal drum performance and a thrilling set of sonic explosions from imitable frontman Steve Austin, it was hard not to be entranced by what the band did. What impressed me most was how Steve Austin darted between vocal styles, from Chris Cornell-esque cleans to soaring growls that dragged the listeners into the pit. There is a certain inherent madness to the man that makes his work extremely compelling. It’s hard not to want to dig into this group and what they deliver time and time again. Their set was uncompromising, guiding us through their excellent new record, No Good To Anyone (BMG) and giving me a new sense of what this record means to the band.

In brief – it was a wild night and a deeply emotional one, an evening that reminded us exactly why we all got involved with this thing in the first place. It’s good to see people who have been so devout in this scene still doing it and reminding us why they are among the top in the game. It’s hard not to want to come back to this, because for those of us gathered, for that night at least we were all lifers, walking in the footsteps of Wino, Steve Austin and so many more of the OG hardcore guys who helped to shape how we all view this scene and what it means for the world.