CONCERT REVIEW: Sebastian Bach – Kobra and The Lotus Live at the Q Casino

Let’s face the facts, folks, the music industry has changed drastically in the last 30 years. I firmly believe that change is inevitable and most of the time I embrace change with open arms. The recording process has been completely revolutionized to the point that musicians can produce their own albums right from home on their computers. The problem with having the ability to record and release music so easily is the plethora of music that is flooding the market that just does not stand the test of time. Think of some of the current songs you hear on Fm radio stations, most of them will spin themselves out of rotation and vanish to the isle of forgotten songs within 6 months of their release. Career longevity has become an elusive beast in the music industry, so when an artist who released his first album over thirty years ago is touring and selling out venues, a Skullgurl must pay attention. Of course, I am talking about the original untamed mane rock star, Sebastian Bach.

Bach launched his solo tour on August 30th, backed by an all-star band, to celebrate the 30th anniversary of Skid Row’s debut album. I still carry the torch for the hair metal of the ’80s, and harbor momentous adulation for Bach and this album in particular, so of course, I had to go see a show on this tour. I grabbed two of my favorite music lovers and embarked on our journey to the Q Casino in Dubuque Iowa. We arrived during the set of the direct support band Kobra And The Lotus finding the Q Showroom already packed to capacity. Let me just say that the lead vocalist of Kobra And The Lotus, Kobra Paige, has a phenomenal set of pipes on her. Paige’s bandmates were engaging and entertaining on top of being talented and smokin’ hot.

The minute the stage had been changed over to Sebastian Bach’s backdrop, the vibe in the venue became zoetic with the electricity of excitement. As the house lights dimmed the anticipation of seeing Sebastian Bach was palpable. Drummer, Bobby Jarzombek, who is best known for his drumming skills with Halford and Fates Warning, took his place behind his drum kit and the crowd instantly became crazed with expectation. As Bass God, Rob De Luca strolled across the stage, the crowd feverishly pushed up against the stage barricade, the cheers and screams were almost deafening. De Luca is also the bass playing virtuoso for the iconic English Rock band, UFO and Spread Eagle, the newly revitalized New York City Streetmetal band. I am not going to mince words here folks, when guitarist Brent Woods took the stage, the crowd lost their shit, I mean minds. Brent Woods is well known for his guitar prowess and stage presence.

The lead-in music began to fill the jam-packed venue as Sebastian Bach entered onto the stage, his swagger on point. I can honestly tell you that for a few moments as Bach sang I was magically teleported back to 1992 when I was just a young Skullgurl and experienced Skid Row live for the very first time. My point is, Bach still has that mystically unparalleled stage presence that seems to hypnotize the members of the crowd. The backing band he hand-picked was beyond amazeballs just themselves. Each exuded confidence and mastery at their craft and had a flair for showmanship.

The tour press touted that is would play the 1989 self-titled album by Skid Row in its entirety, and Bach did not disappoint. The only grumble heard from fellow concert-goers was that the album was performed out of order, not following the original song order of the album. By the reaction of the crowd, there were not too many people that even cared or noticed the change in song order. Bach sang each song that night as if it was the first night of his first tour, brilliantly and utterly flawless. Bach drew the crowd in with his enigmatic charisma and boy-like charm, connecting with each and every show attendee that night.

I have always said that music is the universal language that can effortlessly turn strangers into best friends with just a song. That night, at the Q Casino, as we all sang every single word of ’18 To Life’ and ‘I Remember You” and the rest of the songs, I felt a synergy develop between each member of the crowd. Sebastian Bach proved once and for all his music is timeless and his legacy will be everlasting. The music of Skid Row still appeals to all ages, for example, my two concert companions, Brianna and Will were both born after the release of Skid Row’s first two albums, and both sang the words to every song. Sebastian Bach is still on tour until November, I highly recommend you find a show near you and go, heck road trip if you have to. I guarantee you will kick yourself in the fanny perpendicular if you let this tour pass you by.



*from New York City show at Sony Hall