CONCERT REVIEW: Queensryche – Marty Friedman – Trauma Live at The Marquee Theatre

Queensrÿche brought their Digital Noise Alliance tour to The Marquee Theatre in Tempe, with fellow metal legends shredder Marty Friedman, and Bay Area thrash/heavy metallers Trauma (the original band Cliff Burton was in before he joined Metallica). Locals Show N Tell and Spiritual Suicide opened.


I had the pleasure of seeing Trauma for the first time and I must say, watching them was both thrilling and exciting as they brought great energy and passion to their performance. The band’s singer, Brian Allen, has a powerful voice that cuts through the heavy guitar riffs and thundering drums, while engaging with the crowd the entire performance, encouraging them to sing along to the familiar songs and get even more into the music. People really enjoyed the set list and had a great response to the guitar solos and the awesome rhythm section provided by the bass and drums. The band’s chemistry was on point, and you could really tell that they love to play together, with plenty of humor and interaction with each other on stage. Overall, Trauma was a blast to watch. If you are a fan of classic heavy metal, or just looking for a great night out, I’d highly recommend becoming a new fan of Trauma like I just did.

After performing for over three decades, Marty Friedman continues to wow his fans worldwide, with his technical proficiency and dynamic style. Having recently reunited with Megadeth at a show in Tokyo, Marty’s high energy, impressive guitar work, flashy solos, and engaging stage presence were a great addition to this Queensrÿche tour. One of the most impressive things about Marty Friedman to me was his unique style that blends elements of heavy metal, rock, and traditional Japanese music, and he incorporates all of these influences seamlessly into his live shows. His guitar solos are legendary, and he often performs complex runs and intricate harmonies with ease.


But it’s not just Friedman’s playing that makes him so memorable. He also has a great stage presence and interacts well with his audience. He’s known for his enthusiasm and energy on stage, and he often encourages the crowd to sing along or clap their hands. He also takes the time to tell stories, which adds a personal touch to the show. Overall, Marty Friedman is a must-see event for any guitar enthusiast or fan of heavy metal and rock music as he leaves a lasting impression on anyone who sees him perform live.

Watching Queensrÿche is always a high-energy, intense experience, and this time was no different. Even though the band had shared some news of illness since the Digital Noise Alliance Tour began, the band came back in full force with their dynamic live performances, with an emphasis on technical proficiency and theatricality with their elaborate lighting and stage setups, as well as other special effects to enhance the audience’s experience.

Queensryche’s setlist included a mix of classic hits and newer material, with an emphasis on the former. If you plan on attending the Digital Noise Alliance Tour, expect to hear tracks like “En Force,” “Behind The Walls,” and “Jet City Woman,” as well as other newer tracks from their most recent albums.


Overall, this Queensrÿche concert is a must-see experience for fans of classic heavy metal and hard rock. With their technical proficiency, powerful vocals, and thought-provoking lyrics, they offer a unique and unforgettable live performance that will make you happy you bought the ticket.


Queensrÿche setlist, via

Spreading the Disease

Child of Fire

En Force

Behind the Walls

Don’t Look Back




Jet City Woman

Inner Unrest


In Extremis


My Empty Room

Eyes of a Stranger


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