CONCERT REVIEW: MAYDAY! – 1Ton – Vincent Tesoro Live at The Middle East Niteclub


Ohhhh, we’re back baby!!


2021 brought about the release of the new ¡MAYDAY! record Minute To Midnight (Strange Music) and with that came the building anticipation of when the Miami natives would make a trek around the country in support of the album. Given the current state of the world, it was obvious when the album came out that we would be waiting for a bit before any official announcement came out. Well… we’re here. The “Hard To Leave” Tour hit The Middle East in Cambridge Now let’s dive in, shall we?!

First up was local artist Vincent Tesoro. A mix of alternative, hip-hop, and pop punk, all rolled into one package. Vincent also just released a new album (Shooting Stars & Broken Halos) featuring ¡MAYDAY! on the closing track. A slew of sound problems happened leading up to Vincent’s set, but once it did start he got the crowd fired up in a way that was reminiscent of an underground hip-hop show and a local punk show. A solid attitude and energy that doesn’t quit, definitely keep an eye out for him.

Next stop for the night was the always charismatic and never without something to say, 1Ton, of the legendary West Coast rap duo, Potluck. Running through a set list of fan favorites with a cadence that only 1Ton can. Drinking, smoking, hanging out with the homies, and loving your fellow human. If you come to a 1Ton show in a salty mood, you’ll leave with a new friend and possibly a drinking/smoking buddy, his immaculate vibes and clever metaphors can make even the most unpleasant son of a bitch into a happy go lucky rhyme-smith. Always a fun time. Much love 1!

Aaaaaand now, the main event. Hailing all the way from Miami, Florida. The shaolin monks of flow, word play, and storytelling… ¡MAYDAY! The stage went dark and all you hear is Wrekonize’s voice wirth the opening verse of the title track off their latest album “Minute to Midnight”, Wrek rushes the stage from the back of the room and second in command Bernz isn’t far behind. Immediately the room explodes with energy that only ¡MAYDAY! can bring. One member of the band that was glaringly absent from the show was Noms, the “Nuclear Percussionist” who unfortunately had suffered from an injury right before the tour that prevented him from being able to do the tour. Which Wrek and Bernz made sure that the audience was loud enough that Noms could hear everyone in Cambridge down in Miami. Running through a MASSIVE setlist of fan favorites and even some solo tracks from both Wrekonize and Bernz, hits from every album to fit every possible vibe you can imagine. From “Roaches” to “Badlands” to “All In” and closing out the night with their absolute banger of rhythm and story telling “Shortcuts and Deadends” everything about this show was so on point even with all of the sound issues and delays to the actual show, it made up for it in spades. It was a very welcome return to live music for myself and I am still on a euphoric high from the show, which also happened to fall on the 11 year anniversary of ¡MAYDAY!’s breakthrough album Stuck on an Island.

Until next time everyone, ya boy is back at it like a bad habit. Peace and chicken grease, see y’all next time!