CONCERT REVIEW: Heathen – Arrival of Autumn – Invicta Live at The Kingsland

The night began in Brooklyn, at The Kingsland with Invicta, a Canadian band with some killer technical prowess and a Melodic Thrash sound. They are new to my ears and definitely a good find and worth your time. As the opening act, they immediately set the tone for the evening with their energetic performance. Their set was a perfect blend of aggression and melody, getting the crowd pumped up and ready for more.


Up next, Arrival of Autumn took the stage next, showcasing their Progressive Metalcore style. Their performance was tight and intense, with intricate guitar work and powerful vocals. They played ‘Scars’ their first single from their upcoming new album. It was a pleasant taste of what’s to come from this still-young band. Singer Jamison Friesen’s charismatic stage presence and dynamic energy had the audience fully engaged, with many fans singing along to their favorite tracks.

Finally, the headliner Heathen took the stage, captivating the crowd with their unique blend of Thrash metal and melodic elements. This was my first time seeing them live and they did not disappoint. Their set was full of fan favorites, like ‘Death by hanging and ‘Opiate for the Masses’ but leaned heavily on songs from the 2020 release Empire of the Blind (Nuclear Blast). This band doesn’t get the flowers they deserve. Vocal powerhouse David White, is just a classic thrash singer that you never get tired of. They displayed their remarkable musicianship and airtight chemistry from their twin axe attack on ‘The Blight’. The atmosphere was electric, with the crowd feeding off the band’s infectious energy.

Throughout the night, the audience was treated to an impressive light show and excellent sound quality. The Kingsland, located in Brooklyn hosts a vibrant music scene, providing the perfect backdrop for this memorable event.

Overall, the show was a testament to the talent and passion of the long-running Bay Area legends Heathen, the new kids on the block Arrival of Autumn, and Invicta. Each band brought their A-game, leaving fans satisfied and craving more from these exceptional musicians. If you’re a fan of heavy music, make sure to catch these bands on their next tour through the area. You won’t be disappointed.


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