CONCERT REVIEW: Frank Turner – Live at Fete Music Hall

A Frank Turner concert is as much a spiritual experience, like an old southern revival church meeting, as much as it is a rock concert. He has been at this for a long time, over twenty years in music. Stripped-down from his usual full band experience, Frank has spent years honing his Punk – Folk stylings as a solo artist or with a small group. He doesn’t need a full band to deliver an impactful riff, lyric, or song. So after a year of bedroom livestreams, Frank finally started small with a handful of shows and made it over to the USA for a tour including Punk Rock Bowling. For nights like tonight, just a few guitars and Frank’s one of a kind voice and narrative storytelling ability captivates the crowd. It’s hard to break the spell if you see him in person.



Make sure you make it out to one of these shows before the tour is over. In the meantime his penchant for intimate concerts that are more like a party with old friends that know all the same stories. Next time you see Frank on these shores he is going to have a new album, , and likely his full band.