CONCERT REVIEW: Cradle of Filth: Live at Irving Plaza

Cradle of Filth is known for their melodic tales of gothic horror, striking fear into the hearts of their gleefully morose fan base. However, when faced with truly unfortunate circumstances, the band showed their ability to power through the darkness and give the fans the performance they so desperately craved.

The band’s devoted acolytes patiently waited for Cradle in the packed out hall of the newly remodled Irving Plaza as the show was forced to commence without the tour’s openers Once Human and 3Teeth due to members of both bands contracting the coronavirus. Yet, this did not stop the fans from going absolutely batshit crazy when Cradle took the stage. Although visibly shaken by the circumstances for the first song, frontman Dani Filth and the gang brushed off all apprehension and launched into an enthralling set of symphonic terror and strife.

The crowd welcomed the English Blackened Death Metal maestros with open arms, shouting every word to the band’s classic album Cruelty And The Beast which they had performed in full. The audience swayed along the shrieks and moans of Dani as if dancing to a haunted waltz in a darkened mausoleum.

Despite the rocky start, Cradle managed to pull off a stunning display of raw power and endurance in a night that fans will surely not soon forget.

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