CONCERT REVIEW: Barishi – Ether Coven – WVRM: Live at Sanctuary

The Sanctuary is a true Heavy Metal haven. Huddled next to the city of Detroit, the scaled-down town of Hamtramck accommodates this music club that caters so well to loud music. It was a freezing Wednesday night when the Moody Metal monsters, Ether Coven came to the Ham town. Along with extreme acts, Barishi, and WVRM on the touring bill, that bitterly cold night was about to sizzle with savagery.

The night launched off with locals’ acts Discerned and Wounded Touch. Each group discharged high levels of crusty harshness to set a fun, intense vibe for the evening. The Southern fellas in WVRM swarmed the stage next and immediately unleashed a profound fierceness. Vocalist Ian Nix jammed the entire set on the main floor engaging the onlookers into the rage and raucous they raised. Taking the second to last slot of the night, Ether Coven brought their fury to the room next. Their sullen, sludgy sounds oozed over the club and tempted the crowd with their discontentedness. They unleashed several songs from their brand new album, Everything is Temporary Except Suffering (Century Media). This Floridian act perfectly proclaimed their new material’s anger and angst. Their aggression propelled their political punches and fueled their already furious presence. They cleverly fed off of each other’s intensity and bitterness. The duels between the guitars particularly added dimension and girth to their overall severity.

The skimpy attendance did not hinder the crowd’s enthusiasm for the last act of the night, Barishi. This East coast quartet ejected purposeful frenzy and darkness. It’s been several years since the band’s last release (Editor’s note: a new one is on the way!) so they gifted the audience with nearly all new material. Their merger of groove and prog struck a chord with the room and everyone let loose. They made sludge with pep. The group recently added a second guitar player which complemented their already fantastically hostile sound. Each player beamed with confidence as they got lost in their music and swirls of their own long hair that was constantly flying about. The sincerity of skill was like a swarm of locusts wreaking havoc on the attendee’s senses. Frontman Graham Brooks thanked every for sticking around as they closed out a great night of extremes and rowdiness. All the acts jammed hard and the chaos of the night was enjoyed by all. Michigan Metalheads were gifted once again by The Sanctuary and the incredible bands they host.